There comes a point when whatever you are warring with in your mind is not worth your sanity, your good judgment, your fight, your drive, your love, your health, your faith, or your… Continue reading


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Not seen since the days of Johnny Damon leaving the Boston Red Sox for the New York Yankees has SportsNation seen one of their own leave the…


I honestly believe that healthy friendships can keep one level-headed, modest, humble, and dedicated.  Now it may seem as though this friend can take the credit for all the good in one’s life,… Continue reading

Love Is Our Religion

Love, and therefore the pursuit thereof, is a religion.  Religion, not to get confused with spirituality, a belief in a higher power, or the idea that it can become a false idol, but religious… Continue reading

No Sleep Eh?

By all means, I grasp the concept of “I’ll sleep when I die”, “#teamnosleep”, “no days off”, etc.  The concept is obvious, however I don’t know if society sees the issue in this.… Continue reading


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Creator and owner of All Things O’ Natural Dominique Goosby Harris wants the best for your hair (which is why we heart her so much)…


I’m growing. As a person, as a woman, as a believer.  Once upon a time my world revolved around the concept of love, and the perfect relationship it would produce.  I was a… Continue reading

Mr. President

The State of the Union address by President Obama.  Well, where does one start?  For starters, regardless of who the president is, someone will always disagree with the suggestions and the things being… Continue reading


So graduating from Georgia Southern University was a major milestone in my life. However, at this moment, I feel incomplete.  Granted, I appreciate not having to write two and three papers a week,… Continue reading

The Grin, Not the Smile.

I often hear people say that their twin flame saved their life.  Well, I think that’s beautiful and I think that is one of their purposes for being on this earth.  Rather in… Continue reading