Elements of Love

What is love?
Love is unconditional and unfailing
Love needeth not true deception to unravel
Love is domineering and unpurged
For what is a love that is not sacred and true?

Love is forever, eternal
Love shall not be shunned because of its depth
Love is embracive, gentle, accurate
So how do you compare lust and infatuation to something you cant misconstrue?

Love is brilliant and captivating
Love carries so much and still reins supreme
Love is elegant, something exquisite
For what is a love that is not capable and robust?

Love is charity, compassion, benevolence
Love dispatches joy and great sorrow
Love is piety, faith, zeal
So how can u allow such charm and artistry array dust?

Love is nurturing, not ignorant
Love imports so many, yet takes away so many more
Love is healing, restoring, dynamic
For what is a love that is not assertive and puzzling?

Love is a companion, a masseuse
Love shelters the world, and all its inhabitants
Love is the nexus between you and I
For what is a love whose WORDS speak louder than its ACTIONS?