A Simple Yellow Rose

{She} is the rose. The rose of the sun. {Her} light bears warmth to all men alike. When all else feels frigid.cold.bitter, {she} is warm.glowing.cordial.

{She} becomes integral to the lives {she} touches.becomes essential. the foundation of [his] happiness.{She} is distinguished for {her} relentless joy.through all the adversities.trials and tribulations. {She} is the promise of a new beginning

{Her} wisdom is exquisite.knowledge without boundaries. Creating in {her} a powerful force. One of depth. potential. determination. patience. perception. engulfed in magnificence. resilience..

Perhaps {her} greatest asset is her ability to love and expel true friendship. Pure harmony and platonic concord.  This unique hallmark is what sets {her} apart from all other roses. Though {she} is still in her youth, {her} itinerary is nothing of innocent.naive dreams, but that of sophisticated.cultured enchantment…This rose shall blossom into true beauty. Watch {her}. [He] will wish [he] plucked {her} from {her} vine when {she} was yet still ripe.