The American Dream

What is success??  Wife/husband?? Kids??  ‘Good’ J.O.B.?? White picket fence?? Is this what everyone’s success story is to be?? If so..why?? Answer: The American Dream.  What made society think this is the ‘norm’ life to live? Apparently if you don’t follow this ‘guideline’ you are nothing, no one but a clueless, sometimes classified ‘lost individual’. Problem with that theory is what makes someone better than you just because they have a cubicle 9 to 5 with a relentlessly nagging spouse and three children?? When you are a free-spirit, one who does nothing but travel the world and sip on coffee, with no significant other to call your phone and no obligation to children?? Why do material assets become a tantamount for success and happiness??  Why is money the prominent thing everyone searches for, because it makes the world go ’round, because you have it or have nothing?? Very legitimate answers, but you can have ALL the money in the world and still have NOTHING.  Take a deeper look, Owen Wilson for example, tried to kill himself, with plenty of fans and plenty of money, so what was the complication??  Without people here to support and love us we are void, nonexistent. Whether it is your family, your friends, or a significant other, we need someone, to a certain degree, because as the end of the day, we are all human, with a need for interaction. If not for social and emotional reasons, but scientific motivations.

After my rambling, I see i have swayed from my original topic, why is the American Dream the dream of Americans? Why can’t kickin’ back be the norm? Why hard work? Why ‘all work and no play’? Why 9 to 5 (who thought of those hours?) Why let society discipline us into believing that it is this way or no way?? Well the answer is simple really, because we (humans) are too afraid to step out of the box, to challenge ourselves, to challenge the government, to challenge our families, to challenge our fellow man, to challenge our minds and spirits, and to ultimately challenge ourselves…..

We cannot be afraid to dream out loud, to want a fairytale and attain it, we shall not be cowards to our own hopes…