The Rain….

Everyone seems to think that ‘bad’ weather consists of rain, ‘terrible’ showers, and dark clouds.  Question is why do we equate such negative vibes with nature, with GOD’s intentions? Such words are dark, gloomy, sad, melancholy. In fact, Seattle, Washington holds the highest number of residential suicides, while Las Vegas holds a close second.  The prediction why: the weather, the ever-present bitter, seemingly sorrowful clouds that hang over.

People associate rain with pessimistic emotions. We always want the rain ‘to go away’ to come back ‘another day’. Even literally we don’t like the rain, from getting our hair and clothes wet, to just wanting to sleep in, but when we have a drought it’s a different story!  But why is that the rain is never seen optimistically.  The rain is literally and figuratively a symbol. A symbol of growth. Without the torrent of condensation how can the simple yellow rose develop her delicate can her stem become strong and can she grow??

In life, we have soft showers that last just a few minutes to hours. We have storms, thunder and lightning, both, but the rain will cease.  Then there are heavy showers that knock down trees, electricity, and ostensibly everything that is of value to us in life…. What we fail to realize is that the rain, in life and nature, plays a significant position everyday.  The deluge of consistent or irregular storms are not to be feared or run from, know that the rain is required.  Embrace the shadows, the puddles of life, the hurt of relationships, the sorrow of death, and the cloudy days, but be careful, don’t slip, don’t fall, don’t lose sight of the rainbow, the pioneer, of the sunny day ahead.. because it is coming…