So I’ve Come To Realize

I’ve come to realize that the ‘world’ I live in is not real life.  To probe a bit further, I evaluated the traditional college lifestyle that many of us are absorbed in or have previously been associated with, and I see that it’s somewhat a figment of our imaginations. It’s as if people recognize it as being something more than it is, something that reigns supreme or admirable. If we think back to high school, I’m sure we ALL feel like it was a waste of time, both academically and socially. Everything in life revolved around who was dating who, what everyone was wearing, and sports.  Realistically, has anything changed?? When I walked on campus this morning I didn’t see people eager to get an education and do what they came to college for. I saw [some] ignorant people, wanting to cause a scene, looking everyone up and down to ‘recognize’ their competition (physically) and check everyone’s outfits.  Really??? What kind of society do we live in to where we only care about what everyone has on?? Now I will admit that I do like to look nice, but not for my peers, for myself and my professors (I will need those recommendations in the future!)  Now of course there is nothing wrong with being social and networking, BUT if you’re primary reason for coming to school is to experience the ‘ultimate college life’, to further your ‘rappers delight dreams’, or to find a man, then your priorities are just a wee bit off.

Something else I found not particularly advertising about the traditional college ‘code of conduct’ is the unrealistic nature of growing as a person, individually.  Here, there is NOTHING, just a small town where you have nothing to do but study, drink, party, and have sex. Is that all there is to life?? Of course..NOT!!!  Real life is, unfortunately, not that simple. There are jobs, families, friends, bills, traffic, etc.  Being in a more modern, perhaps more urban, environment makes the experience more realistic (maybe it’s just me).  I understand that some canNOT handle that initially, so going traditional in the beginning to establish yourself or get on track is perfectly understandable, but I would advise you to not expect to move to a larger city, after being isolated, and think it will be easy, because that would be arbitrary and VERY unlikely. Life is all about perspective, prioritizing, and balancing out our can we expect to do that if we do not have anything significant to value, anything to put into perspective, to prioritize, and time??  Life is not all about ‘all work, no play’, it’s not all about Intro. to Sociology, it’s about living, so live, in all spectrums….