Skindeep???? in the eye of the beholder? But who is the beholder? A higher being or each person themselves??  Beauty is only skin deep, implying that the true nature of ‘beauty’ is from within one’s self.  But in society, realistically, quite the opposite appears to be true.  The media portrays beauty as emaciated, blonde, blue eyes, etc., which in turn drives so many women, and men too, to undergo transformations, particularly plastic surgery.  So if beauty is truly only skin deep why are so many people in society susceptible to changing their outward appearance?? From African-American, [women especially] relaxing their hair, if not that then sticking three pounds of weave in it, to wearing ENTIRELY too much make-up, to wearing acrylic nails and green contacts.  Where are you guys going with this??? Are you trying to appear TOTALLY unreal?? I call that false advertisement!  And to the Caucasian women, why are you perming your straight hair?? Or why are you always trying to stuff it in a ponytail, especially if your hair is full and gorgeous?? Why do women in general starve and make themselves throw up to be a size negative one?? And if your lips happen to be just a wee bit thin, do NOT put collagen in them, they will be huge. Everyone canNOT be Angelina Jolie! I could continue, but would rather not offend too many readers.  My point is that everyone can’t be these women we see on television, when in actuality half of them are fake as well.  Do you know how many people have died from plastic surgery?? Too many!

Confidence and security go hand in hand, but if you have to change everything about your appearance to feel ‘good’ and boost your ego, then you may be, not always, but may be insecure. I thought beauty was of the mind, am I WAY off? Most women [men as well], go through insecurity at some point or another, but at another point, you have to realize that you were made that way for a reason, that there is more to you then enhanced breasts and booty.  If all you are is fake on the outside, what is inside??  Be your personality, walk with confidence, take pride in yourself not your MAC or your Milky Way hair.  We women have to come together and support each other, not bring each other down. And men, you guys always say, in your songs, on television and everywhere that you prefer real girls with their pajamas on and no make-up, so why aren’t you actually showing us that you appreciate that?? Most of the time these women do it to get your attention, so stop talking about it to your friends, how you hate the fact you can’t run your fingers through her hair, and tell her.

Once again, I’ve managed to rant, but the moral of the story is that beauty, in society, is obviously not just characteristics and personality, it has become (always has been), more of a fad, a way of life to some women and men as well. We have to realize that beauty encompasses our hearts, our minds, our spirits, not our hair or our fake breasts!  Love yourself for what you have and understand that the grass might not always be ‘greener on the other side.’  “In its most profound sense, beauty may engender a salient experience of positive reflection about the meaning of one’s own existence. A subject of beauty is anything that resonates with personal meaning.”- Unknown

NOTE:I never want to offend ANY of my readers, just want to state facts and discuss issues that others may not want to, just want to open our society’s eyes and give somewhat of a reality check.  It’s a dirty job, BUT someone has to do it!