Haiti…and the World’s Reality Check.

This past week has been one that has shaken the core and hearts of not only Americans, but the entire world, with aid coming in from China to France to Mexico, every country has shown their charity.  Many may not know that Haiti is the poorest country in the Western hemisphere, working Haitians make two dollars a day, and others, just a dollar, as we complain about not making more than ten dollars an hour! Many question what the significance of the earthquake was and no one can be exactly sure what is, BUT know that we can no longer ignore the negative things we do, the negative in the world.  Not only that, but to be appreciative and continuously count our blessings, because they are truly overwhelming. Continue to have Haiti and all its inhabitants in your prayers, and please give, nothing is too  much or too small. Below are a few links in relation.

Ways to Donate! (please click and help)

Where Was GOD??

US occupation in Haiti(history)