Time to Let Go

Why does it take us, as humans, so long to realize that some things in life are not worth our time, our energy, or our love?? Whether it comes to a job, a partner, or just people in general. Most times outsiders trying to advise us against a decision does NOT work, we think they’re jealous, or they don’t understand the feeling, or the pay is so good so why care about dignity, blah blah blah.  We all come to grips and have epiphanies at seemingly different times, and that seems to be the only way of dealing with things, no one person can talk you out of anything, only you can.

In regards to love and relationships, we do NOT see it (the disintegration of a bond)  because we do not want to see it, simply put. There are always signs, and for the people thinking that there were not, take a step back and reevaluate.  The majority of the time, the person you’re crying over is the NOT doing the same for you, it is the truth, it happens to the best of us. If the person does not appreciate and embrace your love, but instead abuses it, they are not worth your time, your energy, or your love. If the person does not respect you, why would you want someone who does not value everything you have to offer? For many people it is hard to get out of the cycle or mentality that maybe it is not meant to be. Some are stuck on the ‘coulda, shoulda, wouldas’, while others are infactuated with love. Some are afraid to be alone, while others are really hung up on that individual.  Whatever the case may be, people must realize when things are out of their hands, and take it as a warning or possibly a blessing.  Everything happens for a reason and no one can predict the future…