The University System of Georgia

The University System of Georgia has been in the news ALOT lately.  And half of us don’t even know why or that the system was in the news in the first place.  In recent years our budget has suffered a SEVERE cut! Which in turn creates new mandatory fees and raises the price of existing fees.  In the upcoming years we will see a cut of over $385 million!! Now to translate that means the system has no is BROKE!!!!! How does that affect every student you ask?? Well for one we will see spikes in our tuition-the tuition that is so cheap we don’t always receive a quality education- by about 77% per student.  Do the calculation, that’s alot.  At the rate we’re going, our public institutions will soon ‘evaporate’ and only private schooling will be available, not even looking years down the road for our children.  How do we stop this problem? Well, we can’t. There’s nothing left to do, there is no money and teachers/ professors are already working without pay and receiving furlough days.  Because our tuition has always been incredibly cheap, we no longer have the funds to create more classes or even keep some of the ones in existence.  The only thing we can do is educate ourselves, know what’s going on in our states, if not our country and if not the world we live in.

Breakdown of Tuition Increase and Univ. System of Ga

GPB Tuition increase