They say keep your friends close, but your enemies closer..To break it down, ‘by keeping your enemies close, you know their moves, moods and characteristics, and you can even sometimes be undetected as their enemy.’ Many times our enemies have this power, some kind of hold on us..not even physically, but emotionally, spiritually, how is this even possible??? To allow someone to come so close that they are ingrained in us??? Simple, sometimes we are so caught up with other things that we doNOT see it, and the majority of the time, that was not the original intent. Ever realize how some of our biggest and most foul enemies were once our closest friends?? We have a falling-out and that destroys everything, because now that one person you shared your most intimate secrets with, has an up on you.  So while you know to keep those enemies closer, don’t forget about those so called friends either! The ones who know us best are the ones to keep under watch, ever wonder why we are our own WORST enemy??