Death Before Dishonor..

Honor[noun]: honesty, fairness, or integrity in one’s beliefs and actions;a source of credit or distinction.

In many cases, people walk around proclaiming their loyalty, honor, and respect for another.  Truth be told, they hold none of these values in their hearts.  People tend to oversimplify many attributes that should not be ignored, i.e. love, trust, hope, and joy.

Honor is all about sticking to your guns, even when the road gets rough, it’s about not letting the trials have you turn your back on something, someone, or yourself.  Honor, loyalty, and pride go hand in hand, but occasionally pride can be someone’s demise.  Honor is the unconditional respect and fairness one holds for another.  You cannot honor someone when you are stabbing them in the back, living in secrecy and deceit.  Lies built on another, is a tactic of failure, a foundation built on sand, rather than something concrete and congruent.  What started as just a military ‘commitment’ blossomed into something far greater, a term of endearment and consistency, a term of strength and loyalty. Not many people can say they honor the significant people in their lives, besides family. Do we really pay homage to our loved ones?? In a  ‘you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours’ world, it’s rather difficult to find the true ones, the ones that will honor and appreciate (genuinely) you and all you have to offer, the ones who will scratch your back, no matter how big or small the itch.