Passage of Health Care Reform and [Reactions]

Alright so the reform was passed..yay!! Now onto the nitpicking, of course EVERYONE is entitled to their opinions, BUT the problem is that everyone doesNOT respect everyone else’s.  The House seems sooo unorganized and just ruthless, they yell over each other, disrespect each other, and fight, instead of AT LEAST trying to come together after a decision has been made.

My problem is this, the more conservative ‘elites’ tend to want to belittle govt and to try to exclude the American ppl as a whole, BUT when it comes to abortion, they want to be pro-life. Really?? You dont want to help your fellow man by supporting this reform, but you want to control what females do with their bodies?  What are the single, lower-middle class women supposed to do when they are pregnant with child, but have NO money to support it, no healthcare because of your IDEOLOGY, why can’t they make the decision to abort a child? Many people will argue, well put the child up for adoption, foster homes, or just struggle all your life, BUT how many of these children actually come out ‘ok’, without mental and emotional problems, without physical restraints?

Opinions make the world go ’round, BUT respect for one’s is the most important aspect of life.  For a person to yell out ‘baby killer’ is unacceptable! These are our ‘govt leaders’ and people that, I guess, we are supposed to hold to a high standard and they run around making ignorant remarks and yelling over each other.  Are these the people that we trust and want to imitate? The people that doNOT want to help the greater good and ultimately help the nation are the ones that want to ‘control’ our lives.Hmm anyone see the problem??

Now I know NOTHING in life or in govt is perfect, the reform is far from perfect, but definitely a step in the right direction.  Changes and edits will be made, and yes taxes WILL go up, but we pay for our standards of living, we want to live luxuriously but don’t want to pay for it, perhaps for the better and possibly for the worse, but we [the American ppl] have been stuck in this same ideology, this same ‘way of life’ for the past 60+ years! People are so afraid of change and the unknown, in ALL facets of life, we need to open our eyes and be open to change, because whether you realize it or not the world is changing with or without you, just as time waits on no man.  It’s not just about you on an individual level, it’s about our people, our nation as a whole, if we can help each other, we can help ourselves, we can see positivity…