Relationships:Time to be addressed!

People’s perception and reality of what relationships encompass are WAYYY off!!! Nowadays people, [men and women both] jump into relationships with an agenda, not of getting married or being with that ONE forever, but for sex, or money, or to end their loneliness..[we] no longer value relationships and all they have to offer, which is all relative to us undermining the [concept] (for lack of a better word) of LOVE..

In the initial conversations engaged with a potential mate, we should ALWAYS set guidelines..and when I say guidelines I mean more like respect and standards.  If you go into a ‘relationship’ without them, there is no foundation and everything goes, whether you change your mind or not.  People (but women in particular) always assume they can change the other given time, BUT in many cases it’s not going to happen.  And because so many of us get into situations such as these, we are then turned off to relationships, we become angry, bitter, and agitated.  So the next ‘romantic involvement’ we get into, we either don’t treat it as such-a relationship.  We either live in the past, looking in the rearview, and totally miss what is in front of us OR we treat everyone next in line like rubbish , not realizing it is not necessarily their fault.

But another problem may be the fact that because so many don’t understand relationships and their intent, they settle for less, and ultimately create a chain reaction in which no one truly knows a “real” relationship or they end up living by the phrases: ‘dudes aint ish and money ova bitches’..but unfortunately this is the world we reside in

Relationships were ‘created’ to HELP each other, not HINDER.  In so many relationships, one or both parties are in a competition(and I do it as well). Not necessarily financially, or physically, but emotionally, they fight and put their guard up, get defensive, and undermine or even degrade their so-called loved one.  What kind of relationship can withstand this added pressure?  Clearly, not a successful one.  So it’s time for us to appreciate our relationships, to ENJOY them, and realize that their purpose is to bring you peace.  No one wants to go home to drama and stress, those are the things you just left on the outside of your door, home is where the heart is, and the relationships we have, create those homes…