Everything we’ve built.excuse me. I’ve built is hopeless.

Every kiss we’ve kissed. once again. I’ve kissed was sincere.

Every look in your heartless eyes was filled with passion.

The sweet dreams I dreamt. were lovely nightmares.

My desires to be united.forever and always is unobtainable.

My strength to be patient.to wait for you. is reluctantly my weakness.

To me, you mean the WORLD and beyond.priceless. To you I am worthless.

Every lie you’ve told. I’ve forgiven because my faithfulness.

Everytime you make me smile.make me laugh. it’s genuine.

All the things i’ve done and would do are the results of hopefulness.

My love.my heart.my soul.my body.my everything is unconditional.

The foundation that so ‘strongly’ holds us together is a sandcastle…