…The Mirage…

The closer i get to you, the further away you move.

It seems as I approach you, you disappear.

The harder I trek, it doesn’t make a difference because you’re not real.

It’s funny how you appear to be just the thing I need to quench my thirst, yet you’re the most remote.

Though you run everytime I nearly catch you, when you reappear, my heart leaps.

Who knew a figment of my imagination could cause such hallucinations, such madness.

Having you is nothing but a chimera, a fabrication, an illusion..heartache.

Interesting how the days are long, hot, and treacherous.

But the nights are cold, bitter, lonely, an tedious..worse than the hottest midday.

You question how I can be so fixated on the notion of having you, simple really: Because I HAD you.

And furthermore Iexisted in your mind as well.

I’ve known your love, your passion, altruism, but perhaps it was just a dream, perhaps a mirage…