Let’s Break Down the Black

I’m black, I don’t feel burdened by it and I don’t think it’s a huge responsibility. It’s part of who I am. It does not define me. -Oprah Winfrey
My black is too exquisite…it is powerful beyond measure..it is pure..it is kind… it is NATURAL.it is real love.it is patience..my black is too resilient and robust to be looked over…to be attacked.and attempted to be annihilated. My black is capable of overcoming any obstacle..my black is patient, so yes I’ll wait for you to respect and adore it…

Proud, well that word is an understatement. Yes you may see my skin color as just that, a color, something minute and physical. However I’m in love with it. It is my being. From my kinky hair to my plump lips to my wide hips, I am beyond beautiful.  For my melanin to dictate my prosperities, my endeavors, and all my future accomplishments is astonishing to grasp.  My complexion does not define me, it’s what’s beneath this thin layer that constitute my construction.  My heart, my soul, my mind are my crowning glory, not my blackness, though it influences most in my life.

Do NOT judge and critique me because of my race, rather embrace and see my aptitude beyond it.  I do not have too much difficulty due to the graphic nature of my color, so my question is why do you?

Our culture has worked for the “White man” for centuries and apparently we’ve done a damn good job, so why does that change now Mr. Man?  Why do you fear us?  Is it because you know our worth seems to trump all else? Because you fear the “masses’?  Regardless of the way you choose to explore and answer this probing question, the fact remains you don’t scare me.  But be careful and watch me because I’m coming with passion, fury and for your position.