Potentially a Potential?

The only way a potentially fatal relationship is to work for the long haul is to put it to rest.  When you stay with it so long, yes fighting is healthy, but also allowing yourself to be unhappy is where the problem comes in.  Be able to recognize when space is the healthiest thing for the relationship, after days, weeks, and months of arguing, bickering is prominent and attacking the other party is the primary focus. Plain and simple, STOP CONTACT, now am I saying do this for 1,000 years, uh no! BUTTT..allow yourself to mourn the relationship (if in fact you called the whole thing off,beyond just a break, and even hurt from it. Only then do you grow stronger in yourself.  You know what you want out of life and what you’re capable of giving, and what you deserve to receive.  So when the healing process has finished its course, evaluate what you desire, observe your emotions for this person. Is there still an attachment? Can u still see a future with the individual? Are they still all you ever wished for and prayed about? Do they still give you butterflies to the pit of your stomach? Or is it more or less “what did I see in them?..I wasted my time..or well it was nice but I’ve moved on”. Decide what else they bring to the table besides company and comfort. Can they help you grow, mentally emotionally and spiritually? Do they bring you sincere joy or just contentment? Is it just an ordinary love or are you guys extraordinary? Is it true, unconditional, unwavering love? If so..grab it..appreciate it..and never let it go.