The Grin, Not the Smile.

I often hear people say that their twin flame saved their life.  Well, I think that’s beautiful and I think that is one of their purposes for being on this earth.  Rather in a literal or figurative form of speech, one’s companion has the essential duty of unpacking the backpack.  What is the backpack?  Stress, depression, lack of excitement or joy, comatose, or an inability to relate to society.  Greater than complementing an individual, the task at hand is to be one’s emotional support system and to be their relief.  A person’s home should always be happy because  the world is met with its cold shoulder and lack of concern at their door step.

I can say that I want someone to save me.  I don’t fear dependency (in a sense). There are things a man can do for me that I can’t and there are times when I know that having someone who has my back is enough for me to smile, not a fake smile for the camera, but a soul-shaking, butterfly stomach, heart-pounding, ear-to-ear grin.