So graduating from Georgia Southern University was a major milestone in my life. However, at this moment, I feel incomplete.  Granted, I appreciate not having to write two and three papers a week, but having absolutely nothing to do is almost wreckless to me.  Now, considering I have ample time one would assume that I would be working out as consistently as when I was in school with a heavy load. Yeah, not happening.  Between eating and sending out job applications just as fast as I get an email of rejection from another job, I’ve managed to continuously sit on the couch and watch the television set.  So I can no longer say I’m a “broke college student”, I’m just a broke, unemployment person in the real world whose stomach is growing daily.

BUT, Wednesday things changed.  I’ve declared that 2012 will be the “year of the grind”, and while I stick to my guns, I think for me to succeed, I have to really evaluate my desires, morals, values, my intent, and my motives, in LIFE.

So I say my motivation, the essential element of the year will be DISCIPLINE.  Discipline in everyday life, from eating in moderation, to working out, to maintenance of my hair, to my job search, and finally my spirituality.  It begins with meditation, consistency and a true longing for a healthier life in any facet.  I want to be the best.   I’ve never known anything but hard work, dedication, and drive and it won’t stop here because of a milestone.  I’m on a journey to find myself and it begins within.  I’m dedicated to being disciplined, with that being said, let’s get it!