Mr. President

The State of the Union address by President Obama.  Well, where does one start?  For starters, regardless of who the president is, someone will always disagree with the suggestions and the things being done, primarily because their own interest is either not being met, or because it is being shot down, hopefully for the greater good, but considering our president prior to Obama, maybe that isn’t so true.

Now I agree, some of his suggestions and bills seem a bit “outrageous” to the vast majority, however if we don’t start with education, government spending, taxes, etc. where do we start?  If the suggestion is that the liberal president isn’t doing enough for the lower class families, the black students, the recipients of Pell, the inner city youth, and all that follows, what makes one believe a Conservative president cares more?

If millions of jobs were obliterated with our Republican president before Barack Obama, meanwhile he’s created a plethora of jobs why are there so many complaints?  Do many people fail to realize that he was only inaugurated in 2009, and it is the start of 2012?  What could the president have done to just make every person in America happy?  Already got Osama, the Iraqi troops, more jobs, and a beautiful wife, what is left y’all?

Look, politics is politics, regardless if there’s a democrat or republican in office. Somethings are not going to get implemented while a number of other things will. I realize that Obama promises a lot, but if it were up to Barack Obama alone, I really think many of those things would be in the process of happening.  These things have to get passed, so while we shoot down our president, we must realize that he isn’t the only one in  charge.  While you call yourself patriotic or a good Samaritan consider if you truly are.  Think about helping the country as a whole instead of just your own behind.  I promise you’ll be good either way.