Thank God I'm Natural

Creator and owner of All Things O’ Natural Dominique Goosby Harris wants the best for your hair (which is why we heart her so much) She’s dropping some more gems and is teaching us a thing or two. This time she’s helping us learn how to protect our hair from harsh sulfates that make our hair dry, harsh and wash away our hair’s natural oils. Okay ladies, sit back, take out a notepad because class is in session. that’s a term that we have heard over and over on many natural hair care forums and blogs. So, what exactly are sulfates? Sulfates are harsh foaming cleansing agents that are found in many traditional shampoos. Many naturals find sulfates extremely drying because they steal the moisture that our hair so desperately need. This is why most times, hair feels dry after it is dry when shampooing.

Now, let’s distinguish the…

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