Love Is Our Religion

Love, and therefore the pursuit thereof, is a religion.  Religion, not to get confused with spirituality, a belief in a higher power, or the idea that it can become a false idol, but religious as in the ritualistic nature of the pursuit.  Love, whether romantic, platonic, or the unconditional love one expects to have with say family is a lifelong journey.  No one wakes up one day and just loves, and even after a love is established, it must be maintained.

More specifically, let’s analyze the pursuit of a romantic, intimate type of love.  I can say that I am not afraid to be heart-broken and rebuild.  When I say rebuild, I mean rebuild myself, which requires me to refocus my attention, regroup, and renew myself.  I have to go into every “situation” I find myself in with a new mindset, and the reality that there may not be an outcome that I want.  With that being said, when I’m involved with someone I am fully immersed until given a reason not to be.  Perhaps I am ritualistic by nature, wanting to talk everyday, genuinely concerned about the going-ons in one’s life, and essentially playing the role of one who desires a loving companionship.  Even after disappointment, which everyone knows is a direct result of expectation, one’s ability to bounce back, to want to get back on the dating scene, one’s relentlessness to not settle for loneliness, bitter, or resentment is astounding.

Drawing a parallel to religion, the individual has blind faith in love, or a partner.  Faith is the verb of an abstract, of anything that has meaning to a person that is not concrete.  We all have faith that someday love will be ours.  We can’t see it, but we can feel it, as one would imagine about a god.  Also, it’s something we stick with, regardless of the obstacles along the journey, we’re still in pursuit of love.  No matter what sins we commit, or no matter how small our faith is, we still have it, we still believe.  The same goes with love in a family, or friendship.  We can be talked about, criticized, questioned, etc. but we still seek their affection, we still need to know that there is love there, or on the horizon.

Love, just like one’s beliefs in a superior being, operates through faith.  And faith encourages us to practice: diligence, patience and understanding.  To hone these “skills”, for lack of a better word, one must be religious in its pursuit, one makes it their religion.