I honestly believe that healthy friendships can keep one level-headed, modest, humble, and dedicated.  Now it may seem as though this friend can take the credit for all the good in one’s life, but that is ridiculous.  Every one is human, and at a point will feel low, inadequate, rejected, sad, or bruised.  As a friend, it is your job to show them their positive attributes.  As a friend it is your job to be that rock that they don’t even realize they are leaning on.

On the flip side, however, there are times when your friends are flat-out wrong.  It is then your job to put things into perspective and give the necessary reality check.  While Mom, Dad, boyfriend/girlfriend, stranger, or enemy can take on this role, as a friend the goal is to get the point across, but in a way the person will receive the message.  Trust me, I know, you talk AT a person, and all you say goes out the other ear and they become defensive.  We don’t need a bloody battle, rather a smooth, dignified, discussion.

Friendship also takes into consideration one’s time, schedule, and life.  People need change to grow, and often times friendships can stunt growth.  Problem.  If a friend can’t accept the fact that we may not talk everyday like we use to, especially if both of us lead relatively busy lives, then I question how they prioritize.  I don’t mean this in the worst way possible, but if for instance I am in school, and my grades are important to me enough that I stay in the library from dusk to dawn, I need my friends, family, and whoever else to not only get that memo, but to respect it.  I believe in friends being needy in times of crisis or if  they haven’t heard from you in forever-and-a-day, but to require that I dedicate a special time for you everyday, for hours on end, is not realistic.  And the quicker we grasp the concept the better.

Believe it or not, I think friendships may be..I said maybe.. the best type of relationships.  Hear me out.  For starters, family is just that, family.  It’s blood, and 9/10 they come first because they have to come first.  Our love for our family is unconscious and rarely questioned.  Our family will always take our side  and almost always agree with us, because it’s their duty to be biased.  Friendship however, is not unconditional, well not initially anyhow.  A friend’s job is to not only look out for you, but to be unbiased in given situations.  Someone has to be our voice of reason.  They are put to the test time and time again, but when they can stand strong, they become family.  Romantic relationships are cool.  But often times, we are in competition with our partners (discussed in an older blog), so everything turns into an argument.  8/10 they’re the person you’re having a problem with and we all know that romance and relationships are extremely conditional.

So…with all that being said, I appreciate, adore, and now have a new-found respect for my friendships.  I stay level-headed, I stay rational, I stay passionate, they keep me in check, and they are designed to help both parties in the friendship succeed.  To my friends…you are family, you are the highlight of my days, and sometimes you annoy the crap out of me, lol, but it’s all love.