There comes a point when whatever you are warring with in your mind is not worth your sanity, your good judgment, your fight, your drive, your love, your health, your faith, or your resentment.
We get so caught up in the “what ifs” and the “I want this or that” that we fail to see “what is” and “I have this or that”. Our favorite thing to do is to try to see if the grass is green[er] on the other side, failing to realize that the grass could be just as green where we are if we turn on the sprinklers, chop down a few trees, and get dirty. I have no problem working for the yard I want.
But I say that to say this, I cannot and will not do it alone if I have a partner or a number of ppl there to help me and support, yet fail to do so. So when I say it’s not worth my health and hard work to create a wonderful yard, with green luscious grass, but the ppl around me can’t do their part or let it go to crap, I mean it.
If you don’t want me the way I want you, goodbye.
If you don’t want to earn your money, quit, or more likely, get fired.
If you refuse to fight for your rights, stay enslaved.
If you are afraid to confess your faith, don’t suggest you are of that faith.
If you don’t want to exercise to lose weight, stay in shape or tone up, continue to gain weight and hush about it.
We get so wrapped up in what others suggest we do, what we feel we should, our often times overanalysis, and every other prism of thinking, that we fail to realize that we are losing sight, grip, and hold of all the abstract.  Instead of all the virtuous ideals mentioned initially we become insane, our judgment is clouded, there is no fight rather contentment and laziness, we lose our diligence, we are bitter, and we become hypocrites. We become and attract all these things to gain nothing and lose our peace. So while you’re in the midst of ripping and running, determine what it’s for. Is it in the continuous pursuit of
something unattainable, or is it in your line of sight, is it nearly in your grasp?
But I digress, if you have the energy to continue the shenanigans and charades, by all means, be my guest.